Sheet :

Astra Decals 48-04: Spangdahlem A-10s




81 FS/52 FW

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



I admit that A-10s are not in my top ten of favorite aircraft, but for some they are. This sheet will let you do any of the aircraft attached to the 81st FS/52nd FW based at Spangdahlem back when the sheet was printed. As there is no date, I have to assume it was at least five years ago.

All of the aircraft are in the latest two-greys camouflage scheme that is quite reminiscent of what it carried when first produced, though a lot less interesting as less complex in terms of the paint mix. The sheet provides full stencils for two planes, one with the dark grey stencils/insignia and one with lighter grey ones. There are also partial stencils for a Euro 1 painted aircraft. There are also fin tip stripes for the 52 FW boss bird and tail markings for the 81 FS boss. One set of crew names are provided for a specific plane. The rest is up to you and your research. You also get one false canopy for the bottom of one plane.

Overall, a nicely printed sheet and if you should have an interest in one of this unit's planes, this sheet will fill your needs nicely.

May 2007

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