Tamiya 12683: 1/72 Ki-61 Camouflage Decals

A few weeks ago, I bought the new Tamiya 1/72 Ki-61-Id 'Tony'. This is a super kit and one of the markings options included a plane that had some pretty heavy upper surface mottling on it. Now these are fairly hard mottles and the thought of painting these on gives one pause to even choose that option.

However, Tamiya realized that might be an impediment to some so has produced a decal sheet that takes care of that issue. All for a mere 360 yen.

The sheet consists of five decals. One for each side of the fuselage, one for each upper wing, and one for the radio mast. Now I have to confess that I thought the tailplanes would have one as well, but then I realized it is painted red so not required. 

There is a note on the sheet that some of the markings need to be placed prior to these decals. These markings are the upper wing no step and wing walk markings. I've been very pleased with modern Tamiya decals and I can tell you that this sheet will be used when I get around to building the kit.

Scott Van Aken

May 2018

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