Rising Decals 48028: Ki-45 Toryu
PRICE: ~$15.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Seven options

Every once in a while I get to snag a sheet of Rising Decals before they sell out. So it was with this recent sheet on the Ki-45. Rising provides markings for seven aircraft, but only insignia for one, which sort of limits things for those who like to use more than one option using the sheet. Of course, you can use those from the kit and you'll need to use any stencils from the kit as well as none are included. Sort of makes one wonder if they are worth the price, but I've used these decals before and they are really quite good.

The camouflage schemes seem to be split between those that are an overall green and those that have the 'giraffe spots' sort of camouflage. All of the paint references are for Gunze's Mr.Color or Hobby Color line. One thing the instructions point out is that all the planes not given an overall dark green have the camouflage painted over a bluish-grey. In order to sound like they know of which they speak, all the colors are referenced by their Japanese name.

All planes are Ki-45Kai with additional variations in the nomenclature. For instance, the first option is a Ki-45Kai Hei, so I'll just use the last bit in further descriptions. This plane is overall olive drab or blackish brown and was with the 11th Hakko Tai.

Second with the splotches in blue-green (as are all the other similarly camouflaged planes, is a Tei version with the 25th Chutai in China.

In a similar scheme is a Hei with the 5th Hiko Sentai in the Philippines during 1944.

The fourth option is a Hei in the overall scheme like the first plane. This one is with the 5th Hiko Sentail in April 1945.

Option five is with the 71st Chutai at Singapore in 1945. It is a Tei.

The lone Ko version (note the blunt nose), was with the 84th Chutail in China during mid 1942. It is in the earlier grey-green and overpainted with a leaf green.

Finally, a 53rd Hiko Sentai plane based in Japan during early 1945. It is a Tei and like the previous Tei has the upward firing cannon.

While no kit is recommended, your only options are the Nichimo version (which I believe is a Tei) and the many boxings of the newer Hasegawa kit. 

November 2019

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