Detail & Scale 0748: 33 TFW F-15A Eagle

Units: 33 TFW



Scott Van Aken

It is always surprising what one finds looking through kits in the stash. Apparently I was planning on using this sheet on a Revell 1/48 F-15A. I'd not opened the set and since images on the net showed nothing really interesting in the placement guide, I decided to keep it sealed.

This set has markings for the 33rd TFW at Eglin AFB which got its first Eagle in 1979. They all have the eagle motif on the inside of the vertical stabilizers along with fin stripes on the outside to depict the squadron. In this case, you have the blue for the 58th TFS and the multicolored band for the wing commander's plane.

There are sufficient unique markings for four aircraft as well as four sets of tail numbers. No stencils or insignia are offered as that will need to come from the kit sheet or other sources. Though the sheet hasn't been around for decades, it can often be found at swap meets and stores that deal in second-hand kits.

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