Aztec Decals 48070: Pucara
PRICE: $25.00 or so
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 18 aircraft from 5 countries

You may recall a short time ago I previewed a Kinetic Pucara. That was the RAF boxing and had just the single option. While the camo scheme was nice, the small decal sheet was uninspiring. With that in mind, I ordered this Aztec sheet from a retailer on the west coast with whom I've had excellent service.

The set cover states that there are decals for 18 aircraft from 5 different nations. In fact, there are additional markings for some of those aircraft that provides more than 18 aircraft, which is a nice touch.

Not surprising is that the majority of the markings are for Argentina. These offer a variety of schemes including a test plane and a special scheme. Most of the Argentine options are not from the Falklands, but later in the aircraft's life.

Second on the list would probably be Uruguay with 5 options, again in a variety of camo schemes. Next is Colombia with three options, followed by Sri Lanka with two and one for the UK, though the latter has several serials provided. There is also a scheme for Mauritania that are not shown on the cover sheet.

Instruction booklet is well done and while no kit is suggested, most of us will go with the Kinetic offering as it is the most available. Probably my biggest beef about the instructions is that many of the camouflage schemes only show the sides with no upper wing/stab images. This is a bit of a disappointment as I'd have expected complete schemes provided for these. Perhaps they can be found on the 'net, but I've not started looking as of yet.

You are provided several small sheets to cover all the insignia, codes and serials. One small strip sheet of serial numbers is not shown. The decals themselves are printed by Cartograf and are crisp and in register.

May 2024

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