3D-Kits 72-D002: Mk.II Spitfires "The end of the beginning"

KIT #: 72-D002
PRICE: 4.75 visit www.3d-kits.co.uk
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

3D-Kits has another fine decal sheet for the Mk.II Spitfire. You can use your 3D-Kits upgrade set for your Airfix Spit to get the base plane.

First option is an uncoded aircraft assigned to 19 Squadron in the usual green/brown over Sky scheme. Since it was put into action during September 1940 before codes could be applied, you can pretty well assume it would be in pristine condition.

Next is a 421 flight aircraft that was attached to 66 Squadron in November 1940. This unit's job was to report on the size and position of incoming enemy formations.

From June 1941 is this this 222 Squadron aircraft presented by the people of Soebang. It is the only presentation Spitfire still extant and preserved in Canada. It currently has a MkV prop and straight exhaust.

Finally, in a rather interesting camo scheme of Slate Grey/Dark Sea Grey over Medium Sea Grey (FAA colors) is this aircraft assigned to the Empire Central Flying School in 1942.

Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop. It appears there are enough to do one of the four options, though with additional insignia you can do them all. Instructions are printed in full color on card stock.

In all, it is an outstanding set and reasonably priced as well.

June 2012

My thanks to www.3d-kits.co.uk  for providing the review sample. Get yours direct from the link. The sheets are being imported by MMD in the US.

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