CAM 1/32 A-7E Corsair II




Scott Van Aken

FOR:  Trumpeter Kit

Many years ago, I acquired the Trumpeter 1/32 A-7E Corsair II. I barely started the kit when I lost interest in it. It may have been due to the poorly shaped intake, but whatever the case, it sat in its box all these years; unloved.

The other day I ran across it and decided that in the near future I may give it a go. As a result, I decided on an aftermarket sheet of decals. This set is by CAM and is not new, being their first 1/32 sheet in this series from 2006. It is for VA-93, which was aboard the USS Midway until the unit was disestablished in 1986 after 30 years of existence. I chose VA-93 as when I was at Atsugi between 1974-76, I would see these planes on the ramp when the CAG was in port. I was with VQ-1 at the time and at the time they operated the A-7A/B, later moving on to the E.

The sheet only includes the unique markings as well as the fuselage and stab walk areas. Insignia and stencils will have to come from the kit. The decals are nicely printed and should still be viable if the original owner kept them properly stored and away from excessive heat. A full color placement guide is provided. The blue nose and fin stripe will have to be matched to the decal. No specific shade is provided for this though it looks fairly close to French blue. I do hope it works out well as it will make for a fairly colorful aircraft when done.

February 2023

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