Twobobs 1/48 Tiger Meet of the Americas

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Scott Van Aken

This is certainly something that one does not see every day. A relatively complete set of decals for a specific event. Actually, this covers all the US F-16 teams. There are markings for six complete aircraft from three units. All of this covers four complete sheets, and complete it is as one full sheet has nothing but tiger stripes for the 120 FS aircraft. The 79 FS tiger markings were done by Archer transfers because the regular decal printing process cannot do justice to this marking.

The instructions are basically a booklet that has a short intro section on the event, all the markings placement diagrams needed and a couple of pages on those who took the pictures used to make the decals and those in the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM has a duplicate of the booklet on it for those who have a computer next to their modeling bench and don't want to use the booklet for applying decals. Other sections have a number of photos (actually I'd guess a hundred or more) of the various aircraft that participated, including a lot of in-flight photographs. Some 'walk-arounds' are also done to help out. There is some redundancy in the photos, but I guess they figured better to have them than leave them out. It also helps to fill the space. Oddly, there are only two photos of the 162 FG entries. There are also images of the other planes that just dropped in for the event and the usual parties that these things engender! Something interesting that I noticed is that all the 410 Squadron CF-18 entries were two-seaters. They also won the competition!

Overall, it really is a very nice format for which to do a set of decals, one that could catch on. It makes a great way to have decals and a photo reference in one handy package.

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