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 Two Bobs 48-017 for A-4F




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Scott Van Aken


'Heinemann's Hot Rods'

If you have read Mike Wilson's story on the A-4, then you will be pleased to see this decal sheet. Two Bobs have been doing sheets for the enthusiast for a number of years. Recently, they have been producing sheets on Navy Aggressors and they have been selling very well. This sheet is the first for the A-4 Skyhawk and is sure to sell well.

The decals themselves are well printed; crisp and clear. The instruction sheets are superb and probably the best you will find. It reminds me of the Modeldecal sheets in that there are images of some of the planes and the camo application is shown for the entire aircraft. What's more, they are in color. There is also a listing of current kits and detail sets. I'll add to that list the Monogram A-4E/F. Though not currently available, it is not that difficult to find if one is willing to look for it.

The first is the Top Gun 'Mig-17' scheme. This one will be fun to paint and will undoubtedly require some skill with making tape as well!

Next is a VF-43 Scooter named 'Cujo'. In the last years of this unit, a number of their planes were named. The image below was taken in  9/93 at NAS Key West. There are some small differences between this image and what is portrayed on the sheet. For one thing, in the image below from my archives, the colors are rather worn and have had some touch-ups done.

Going back to Top Gun, this next one is in a green and grey scheme with 'MARINES' markings. You'll undoubtedly notice that there is an addendum sheet or two to take care of some undersized and incorrectly printed markings. This particular scheme is for the plane used in the movie 'Top Gun' by the Jester.

Finally, what is known as the 'Col Toon' marked Scooter in green and brown. This one will be a very interesting scheme to do, requiring some skill. Just as an addendum, there has never been any firm information on the existence of Col Toon (or as it is most often seen 'Col Tomb'), though he was supposedly killed in the ace-making engagement of Rand Cunningham and Willie Driscoll in 1972.

Overall, this is a super sheet and one that should produce a bevy of interesting schemes. As of now, it is only available in 1/48, but we would hope that Two Bobs would do this in 1/72 some time in the future.

Review copy courtesy Two Bobs. Thanks for your support

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