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 Two Bobs 48-008: F-15DJ Aggressors




8 Squadron

Review By:

Scott Van Aken


Sheet printed in 2001

Lacking a decent batch of F-5Es with which to do aggressor training, the Japanese used the Mitsubishi F-1 for a number of years. Currently, they have been using some pretty neatly painted F-15s, making them the only F-15 aggressor unit in the world. Two of those aircraft are on this sheet; both of them two seat F-15DJs. The sheet recommends using the Hasegawa F-15E Strike Eagle kit and modifying the fins to remove the ALQ-128 antennas from the fin tips, as Japanese F-15s do not carry this equipment. Frankly, I don't know why using a Hasegawa F-15DJ kit wouldn't work just as well.

Anyway, both aircraft start off in the standard F-15 early scheme of FS 36375 and FS 36320. Over the top of that, the first aircraft has a disruptive camouflage color of FS 37038 on both the upper and lower surface.

The other has a more angular scheme using FS 15050 (often called Blue Angel Blue).

There are tons of stencil markings to be applied and since Japanese planes have basically only roundels, nose number and small unit badges to distinguish them, this takes up most of the sheet. The Hinomarus are on a smaller separate sheet and a well done placement guide is provided for all those stencils.

Availability of any decal sheet over a year old is basically hit and miss. This one was printed in 2001

Review sheet copy courtesy of me

January 2005

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