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 Two Bobs 48-018 for A-4E/F Skyhawks




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Scott Van Aken


'Top Gun Tinker Toys'

Here is a nice aggressor sheet from Two Bobs. It seems as if they have been concentrating on these aircraft, and that is just fine with me. If you like to do planes that have interesting camouflage schemes, then you really cannot go wrong with doing aggressors. It seems as if there are at least 50 different ones for the A-4 alone. I have not tried to count them, but in my photo files, there are a respectably large number of them.

I have included a few shots of these planes in with the review. You will notice that the colors are a bit different between what is shown and the photos. That is not to say that one is wrong, just that these planes were repainted quite often, and the time of the photo may not correspond with what is represented by the aircraft depicted in the sheet. This is true of the first scheme and you can see the slight differences in pattern and color.

As with the other sheet reviewed, this one is well printed. Also like the other sheet, this one has four subjects and a superb instruction sheet. Top and bottom camouflage schemes are shown so you should have no trouble duplicating it on your Skyhawk. The sheet is designed for the only 1/32 A-4 around, the Hasegawa kit.

First plane on the sheet is from VF-126, NJ/632. It is in a two tone light and dark brown scheme. An image taken in 1991 of this plane is shown below. Note the replacement slat in grey.

Next is a VF-43 plane coded AD/11. It is in a blues and greys scheme, very similar to the one used as a final scheme by VF-126 A-4s. I don't have a photo for that one.

Switching to Top Gun, here is # 55 in an interesting mix of browns and a green. As you can see by the image below, it makes for a colorful plane. This image was taken in 1989.

The final plane on this sheet is Top Gun #54 in a dark greens scheme. The colors are very close to each other and almost blend into a single dark shade. However, you can discern three distinct shades of you look closely enough. The image below shows the plane as it was in 1986. Judging from the photo, this was before the 'MARINES' markings or any browns were applied.

All in all a great sheet for your next Scooter.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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