Twobobs 32-002 for the A-10A

Units: 104 FS and 57 FW




Scott Van Aken


This is an early sheet from 2 Bobs (now 1 Bob) for the A-10, circa 2000 when the sheet was printed. Both aircraft are in the current paint scheme of FS 36320 over FS 36375 with a false canopy in FS 36118. The false canopy will have to be painted in place.

First plane is from the 104 FS, Maryland ANG and has a small artwork for the inside of the crew access ladder door.

The other is from the 57 WG at Nellis AFB at the Fighter Weapons School.

Though the recommended kit is the Monogram 1/48 kit, this is an error as this is a 1/32 sheet. The only kit you have to pick from is actually the Trumpeter version. You'll probably need a bunch of 'fix it' bits to go along with it as the Trumpeter kit has some notable errors, especially in the nose section.

The sheet contains enough common markings and data to enable the builder to produce both aircraft if he has the shelf space for them.

July 2007

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