Kits-World 1/24 Seat Belts (Fighters)

Number: KW3D124002


$10.00 shipped


Scott Van Aken

Something that is a bit new are 3D printed seat belt/harness decals. These are a useful replacement for etched brass ones as they usually have a bit more detail. A down side is that these are a bit on the thick side so may not drape particularly well (an issue I had with these sorts of decals from another company). They are also only printed on one side, though for most of us that won't be an issue.

This is a 1/24th set for Focke-Wulf and Messerschimit fighters. They come with separate pull straps and there are two lengths of main belts. There are no placement instructions so one will have to locate other resources to ensure proper placement.

I picked these up as I got a 1/24 FW-190 on the cheap and wanted to have some belts to help provide some interest for the interior. Time will tell how well they work. 

July 2022

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