Saggitarius 025-48: Yak-23 'Flora'

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51.10 zlotny


Scott Van Aken

A few weeks back, I previewed the 1/48 Yak-23 'Flora' from Mikr Mir. In that not only did I mention that it was simply the Bilek kit with a new sprue, but they had forgotten to provide the proper handed Czech insignia. This sent me looking for a sheet for the kit and after much searching, this is what I found.

This sheet is very nicely printed and comes with a small addendum sheet as apparently the blue for the Czech insignia was too light on the main sheet. There are markings for eight options: three Soviet, two Czech and three Romanian.

The first two Soviet planes are the first and second prototypes, confusingly with the same bort number, but with the first prototype having a small '3' on the rudder and the second a '2'. The third is an early production plane.

Of the Czech planes, KR-17 was with the 5. training squadron in 1951 while  IF-15 was with 1.squadron, 51 Fighter regiment in 1953.

All of the Romanian planes operated with the 97th Fighter division and are three of the approximately 40 that served.

About the only nation missing is Poland, but the kit markings provide several options.

All planes are in bare metal with a clear coat over the airframe.

The decals are very nicely done and rather glossy. You are provided with a full stencil suite and a rather well done stencil placement guide.

January 2018

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