Xtradecal 009-48 1/48 Do-17E/F

If you are doing Hobbycraft's 1/48 Do-17 E/F, then you really need a new set of decals.  Xtradecal of the UK has at least one set for this kit and they are very well done, indeed.  

There are three aircraft on this sheet and swastikas are included, although they are split in half so they can be sold in Germany.  

The first aircaft is a Do-17E-1 of III/KG 255. This is an aircraft that partook in war games so it's national markings were overpainted with red circles (and you thought it was for a Japanese Dornier!!) This one also has a red tail band with the swastika in a white circle.

Next is a Do-17F-1 of 1(F)AKG 124. It is in standard markings but without the red tail band.  In early 1939, the red tail band was overpainted on all Luftwaffe aircraft. In this case and the one below, it was overpainted in RLM 61 brown and the white-outlined black swastika was used.

The final offering is a Do17E-1 of 1/KG 76 in 1939. This one has a nice squadron badge on the nose of the aircraft. The codes of the last two aircraft were also simplified to a total of four letter/number combinations with only the aircraft letter on the upper and lower wings.  The earlier scheme has a five letter/number code with the full code across the upper and lower wings.  

The sheet also has a detailed drawing of the two major color schemes as well as decal placement.  I have used Xtradecals before and they appear to be printed by Superscale.  The register is spot on and the quality of the decals is superb.

Scott Van Aken