Ventura 1/72 RF-8G Conversion Set


The RF-8G is the longest lasting version of the Crusader in US service.  They finally bowed out in the late 1980s after nearly 20 years of service.

The kit makers have not been kind to the RF-8, and only a few conversions have been done in this scale.  One is a vacuform by Falcon on one of their triple conversion sets.

Ventura stepped into the conversion market with this kit about ten years ago.  As one expects from low pressure, short run sets it is pretty crude with large gates and the need for a lot of clean up.

However, surface detail is not bad at all and a decent replica should be able to be done with this set.  While designed for the Hasegawa F-8, it should work as well with the Heller Crusader.

As you can see from the guide to the left, this set replaces the nose and adds a tail radar set.  

While decals can be a problem, Ventura offers one scheme on one of its 1/72 sheets to do the aircraft depicted.  Later in service the aircraft was painted in various greys with minimal markings . Those schemes can be reproduced using various bits and pieces from the spares box.

Scott Van Aken