Cpl Overby's MOTOR POOL 1/72 M5  conversion

KIT #: ?
PRICE: $15.00 plus shipping
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Resin conversion set

I was sent three conversion sets that are specifically designed for the PSC 1/72 M5A1 Stuart tank kit. This set is very complete and is designed to backdate this kit to an earlier M5.

The resin in this set is superbly cast and while the light flash looks imposing, it is a snap to remove. I appreciate that there were no casting glitches on any of the parts. No voids, no air bubbles, no short shots or globs of resin where they are not wanted.

The kit supplies the lower hull and all the running gear along with a few bits. Pretty much all the rest of it is provided by this set. The set is designed for the experienced modeler as there are no instructions. One will have to know what bits belong on which version in order to complete the model. However, the link does provide an abundance of images to assist you in parts placement. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that perhaps most of these bits are much more detailed replacement bits as provided in the kit so this would make the kit instructions your best guide.

Thanks to Cpl Overby's MOTOR POOL for the preview set. You can get yours at this link.

October 2013

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