AEF Designs Egyptian T-54 Conversion

KIT #: KM-01
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Resin conversion set

This set came inside a Tamiya T-54 kit that I recently acquired. Research was unable to find any real information on this set as apparently it is something that is no longer in the AEF catalogue.

The set comes in two zip bags. One has the turret and a couple of unidentified items. The second has what looks like a new rear engine deck, a turret vent cap and possibly some other items I could not identify and could possibly be part of the rear deck piece.


The casting on these parts really is very well done and looks to require minimal cleanup prior to use. There are no instructions as apparently everything is pretty straight-forward for armor builders (or the previous owner could have lost them).

July 2017

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