First Look: 
Dangerboy Hobbies wing fold set for F4U-5/7/AU-1 Corsair

The folks at Dangerboy Hobbies were kind enough to allow Modeling Madness to have an exclusive look at a new upcoming wing fold set. This particular one is for the new Hasegawa F4U-5. The F4U-7/ AU-1 set will have the radiator intakes pertinent to those aircraft.

The sample sent is a test shot, and as such has some air bubbles in it that will not be in the production version that you buy. It also came with no instructions, but since Dangerboy Hobbies sets are basically idiot proof, instructions really are not needed.

So let's take a look at what comprises the set:

Basically, you toss the kit wings and inserts, replacing it with the Dangerboy one. You get a new resin center section with holes already in it for the drop tanks/bomb racks. Into this section you get two outer wing panels. Like the other Dangerboy Hobbies wing fold sets, this one has a hefty resin plug on the outer sections that you simply insert into the socket on the center section. The detailing on the inside of the wing fold sections is up to the usual superb level that I have come to expect from Dangerboy.  You can see the level of detail from the image below. The resin plug is up at the top right of the picture. Again, the air bubbles are because this is a test shot and you won't find those on the production sets.

The flap sections have been molded separately so that all you need to do is to glue them into place. As you know. on Corsairs with the wings folded, the flap pieces can be in the up or down position. You will have to add the connecting torque rods yourself from either plastic or brass tubing or rod. There are the usual holes for you to insert the guns and pitot tube. For installing the rocket stubs, simply lay the kit wing with the holes drilled out and use it for a template for drilling holes in the resin wing. It is a very simple operation that takes just a few minutes. You also get a full set of wheel well doors to replace the kit ones.

I'd have to say that Dangerboy Hobbies has another winner here with this wing fold set. I already have a kit half built for this set. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

My thanks to   Dangerboy Hobbies   for providing the preview set. 

Nov 2004 update: Please note that Dangerboy is now out of business and their materials are no longer available.