3D-Kits Spitfire IXc/e Conversion

KIT #: 72-C006b
PRICE: 3.75 visit www.3d-kits.co.uk
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected plastic

For 3D-Kits' next conversion set, we have one that will probably be well recieved by Spitfire fans.

This is a pretty simple conversion set but one that has been needed for a while. This set will convert either the new Airfix Spitfire IX or the Hasegawa Spitfire VIII/IX to a late production Spitfire IXc or IX e. The set is injected plastic and very well done. It includes a new prop of the correct 10'9" diameter, late war round exhaust stacks, the broad chord, peaked rudder and the proper e wing cannon bulges.

Now some work has to be done to the kit wings. This includes removing the extant wing cannon bulges, filling in the outboard machine gun ports, removing the existing cannon fairing (leaving some to simulate the .50 cal machine gune), and placing the rest of the fairing a bit more outboard.

The set comes complete with instructions on the header card and it really is a pretty simple job, but one that will, at last, provide an accurate late war Spit IX.

June 2012

My thanks to www.3d-kits.co.uk  for providing the review sample. Get yours direct or from Roll Models in the US.

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