3D-Kits Rotol Spitfire Mk.I/II

KIT #: 72-C001
PRICE: 7.15 visit www.3d-kits.co.uk
DECALS: Five options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected plastic and decals

This is the first conversion set from a relatively new company in the UK called 3D-Kits. It is a conversion set for the Spitfire I/II and designed for any of several kits. Specifically the new and old tool Airfix Spitfire I, and the Tamiya Spitfire I or V.

The major part of the set is a sprue that contains a Rotol prop, the correct spinner, the Coffman starter bulge and a spare, a new seat, a new control stick and the proper length prop shaft. In fact, you get two of these so you can convert two kits.

The set includes full instructions as to what is needed on which kit. Not only that, but it comes with decals (which are available separately if you so wish). The decals have markings for two 54 squadron aircraft from March 1940. These are Mk.Is coded KL*T and KL*O. You would not use the starter bulge on this. Next is a 71 Squadron Spitfire II from 1941, the mount of Bill Dunn, America's first ace. This aircraft can be painted in either the brown and green scheme or the later green/grey markings. Finally, a 19 Squadron Mk.II from June of 1941. Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop. Apparently they glitched the proper shade so an addendum sheet is added to take care of that.

In all, it is an outstanding set and reasonably priced as well. No resin so that will make a lot of people happy! Highly recommended and any Spit boffin simply has to have it.

September 2011

My thanks to www.3d-kits.co.uk  for providing the review sample. Get yours direct or from Roll Models in the US.

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