Williams Bros. 1/32 Wedell-Williams Racer

KIT #: 32-121
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Wedell-Williams Model 44 is a racing aircraft, four examples of which were built in the United States in the early 1930s by the Wedell-Williams Air Service Corporation. It began as a rebuilding of the partnership's successful We-Will 1929 racer, but soon turned into a completely new racing monoplane aircraft, powered by a large radial engine. Model 44s became the dominant racers of the 1930s, setting innumerable records including setting a new world speed record in 1933.

The only surviving Model 44 is on display at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, Cleveland, Ohio. Three replica Model 44s are on display at the Louisiana State Museum, Patterson, Louisiana.


Williams Bros. were a small company north of San Diego who produced some interesting short run kits, mostly aircraft of the 1930s in 1/32 scale. These were definitely short run kits and required some skill to complete. The company was sold to a group in Texas who mostly wanted the bits suitable for R/C, but has since released several of their kits.

The molding is actually quite good. The cockpit has framework to make a subassembly. There is a decal for the instrument panel. The engine has separate cylinders and exhaust stacks, which will fit into a two piece engine cowling. Wings are upper and lower sections while the horizontal stabs are single moldings.

Landing gear are in several sections and you have options of either rubber or plastic wheels. There are two landing gear options as well. A length of vinyl tubing is provided to use as exhaust stacks for one of the markings options.

Instructions are basically various exploded views that are adequate to build the kit, but you really need to have a few short run kits under your belt to get things right. A large markings placement guide is provided for the three options that also provides a rigging diagram. The large decal sheet is very nicely done and should provide for some very colorful results.


Not many kit companies will do aircraft of the 30s that aren't warplanes, but Williams Bros. did and they did many of them in 1/32 scale, which is perfect for these planes.

May 2023

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