Monogram 1/24 Ford - ZZ Top

Kit Number :

Price:  $8.00

Decals:  One version.  The ZZ Top car

Date of review:  16 October 1997

Reviewer: Scott Van Aken

What can I say.  I really like that little band from Texas.  Their rocking music made a fan of me well before I saw any of their dynamite videos.  What I liked about their videos was that hot 34 Ford (OK, the second thing ...). Naturally, when Monogram issued the kit, I grabbed one  and started building it.  Now I am not that much of a car modeler so this review will probably sound rather lame to those that build them all the time.

The kit was molded in red, and thanks to the rather spotty chrome plating, you can see the main color in the rear chrome wheels.  It came complete with a very nice engine and the chassis was nicely detailed.  While  letting the paint and glue dry on engine and chassis components, I started on the body.  There is no option for opening the rumble seat, but the seat hatch is there.  Trouble was, the hatch was not a good fit with a lot of gaps.  First thing was to glue it in place and putty it.  Second trouble area was the chopped top.  It did not fit squarely either.  More putty and sanding.  This areas was particularly tricky due to the shape of the bottom of the chopped top.

The interior was quite complete with the pedals being separate from the interior floor.  There were decals for the instruments.  The fit was very good.  Back to the body.  Once the top was finished, the body was fit to the running boards, a one-piece assembly.  Fit was very good as was the fitment of the radiator shell.  The hood caused little problem, but ended up not being as flush a fit as I would have liked.  The chassis built up nicely and is one of the few cars I have built that rest on all four wheels! Before putting the body on the chassis, it was painted Italian Red.  Maybe a bit brighter than it should have been, but a color that really goes well with the car.  The side decal was nicely opaque and fit with no problems at all.  The body was then given a clear coat, and when dry, the windows installed, the interior install and then glued onto the chassis.

Finally, all the other bits were added such as headlights, taillights and other chrome body bits.  A thoroughly enjoyable kit.  I doubt if it is still available, but if any version of Monogram's '33 Ford are released, buy one.  You won't be sorry.

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