Fujimi 1/24 Tommy-Kaira M 13 Stage I








Scott Van Aken




From what I have been able to find out, Tommy-Kaira is as well known to Japanese auto enthusiasts as Shelby or Rousch. The name comes from the two founders, Yoshikazui  Tomita and  Kikuo Kaira. Their claim to fame started with what I used to call hot-rodding, but is referred to just as tuning. In other words increasing the performance of cars by modifying engines and suspension systems as well as the usual body modifications to make the cars distinctive and 'cool'.

In late 1995 the highly modified Nissan Micra, the Tommy-Kaira M13 was made available through select Nissan dealers in Japan. The basic Micra is a typically boring Japanese econo-box of  1.0, 1.1 or the optional 1.3 litres that sells well in Japan, Europe and other countries due to its small size and economical engine (see image to left). The Tommy-Kaira version is anything but staid and boring. The 1300 cc engine is turbocharged and a new suspension is put under the car. An interior and exterior make-over is also applied to the car in order to improve its looks. Only the two door version has been so treated and is a real pocket rocket.

Tommy-Kaira are also making their own exotic cars that are, from my understanding, either still in the development stage or only available in Japan.



Molded in red plastic, the kit is typically well packaged. Fujimi doesn't just toss all the sprues in one bag, but packages them at no more than two per bag to prevent damage. The tires were partially placed on the wheels, a great way to keep them from getting lost or from damaging other parts. From the look of things, you not only get the parts for the M13, but also bits to make a normal sporty Micra. There are three different steering wheels and both a right and left hand drive dash. There are decals for the dash as well as the racing stripes.

You have the option of opening up the sun roof and putting in a clear part. If you want, you could also leave off the rear 'spoiler' and some of the other TK performance parts, though you are stuck with the wider tires. Molding is first rate with no problems from sink marks or ejector pin marks that I could see. Even the mold seams are minimal and on the body, in such places as to make clean up a breeze. Also included in the kit is a section of screen to place behind the radiator opening, a nice touch. There is no engine as this is strictly a curbside kit.

Instructions are totally in Japanese, but the construction sequence is logical. Paints are given for Gunze colors as is the norm with all Japanese kits except Tamiya's.



The kit looks very straight-forward and should pose no problem at all Fujimi car kits have a good reputation and they offer a number of interesting subjects, most of which are Japanese and I have never heard of!


Various internet web sites, most of which are in Japanese!

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