Revell 1/25 Pontiac Club de Mer

Kit Number: H-??

Price: $13.95

Decals : License plate and Club de Mer logos

Comments: This is another in a series of re-releases of Oldie-but-goodie kits that is a current rage of US manufacturers. By releasing with original box art and instructions, the companies can ask premium prices and do major damage to the kit collector. By using old molds, they also get a huge tax break from Uncle Sugar. The plus side for the modeler is that they can get a desired out-of-production kit for very reasonable price, especially if they want to build it.

I build a few cars a year and was attracted to Pontiac's 1955 roadster show car with its central fin. This is a curbside kit with no engine and styrene wheels. It included a driver and passenger in typical 50's style (which I trashed). As you can imagine, the fit requires some work, but once all the panels are smoothed out, it looks sharp. The chrome work on this kit is much better than that of the AMT kit that I reviewed and I had no problems with it flaking off. The clear windscreens were well formed and fit well. I painted the interior black and red as per the box art. The exterior was painted with a sort of semi-turquoise color using Testor's colors by Boyd. I used Bare Metal foil for the few areas of chrome trim, most of them on the interior and to cover the glue joint for the large chrome bits on the hood.

Overall the car looks very nice indeed, especially after multiple coats of Future brings it up to a nice shine! Recommended for all who have some experience building these old kits.

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