Revell 1/25 1966 Chevrolet Fleetside

KIT #: 7225
PRICE: $Raffle win
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2015 tooling


Launched in the fall of 1959 as a 1960 model, the first-generation C/K debuted a number of design changes for General Motors light-truck design. Replacing the Task Force range, the C/K was developed from the start as a truck chassis, no longer sharing commonality with the GM A-body platform. Though developed as a truck for the sake of durability, the C/K adopted several features from cars into its design to increase its functionality. For pickup trucks, the C/K trucks used a drop-center frame (allowing for a lower cab and lower center of gravity) and independent front suspension was paired with a coil-sprung rear axle. For 1963, front torsion bars were replaced by front coil springs (on two-wheel drive vehicles).

While the first generation would not undergo a comprehensive facelift or update, GM would make a series of gradual changes to the model line through its production. For 1962, the hood was redesigned, with a new windshield and A-pillar added to the cab for 1964.

In a break from General Motors tradition, this is one of the few generations of trucks not given an in-house moniker. The C/K nomenclature was developed by GMC; "C" denoted conventional cab, with "K" standing for 4x4 drive. 1966 was the final year of the first generation C/K trucks.  


Typical of modern Revell car kits, the tooling is superb with lots of detail. You are provided with what looks like a 350 CID V-8 with a 2 barrel carburetor. It has stock cast iron exhaust and all the usual accoutrement of an engine of this period.

Interior is basically a tub with separate floor pedals and inner door detailing. The dash has decals and a clear piece for in front of the speedometer. All of the window and vent wings are installed from the inside of the body so you will need to paint the cab prior to this step. The cab piece also includes the front fenders and the engine compartment. There are a number of pieces to fit into this compartment like the brake master cylinder and the battery. Interestingly, the cab roof is a separate part.

After inserting the interior, construction moves to the bed. This part includes the fenders and interior. The tailgate is a separate piece, but not designed to be lowered. Construction then moves on to the chassis, which has separate exhaust and suspension pieces. With those installed, the engine and driveshaft can be installed. This is followed by the whitewall tires and the wheels. Then the body parts can be attached. This os then followed by things like the hood, bumpers, lights and other external parts. The chrome plating is excellent as you'd expect.

Instructions are well done with a listing of all the parts and a generic color guide. The decal sheet includes the wood bed interior, tail gate logo in two colors, and some rather garish bench seat covers. Two different business names are provided along with license plate decals. 


In all, a very nice representation of this line of Chevy pickup trucks. There is plenty of room for those who like to customize car kits and those who like to build them stock will be quite pleased with what is in the box.

June 2022

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