Revell-Monogram 1/24 Crayola Monte Carlo

KIT #: 4141
PRICE: Around $15 or so when new
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1998 release


Back in the mid-late 1980s and through to the turn of the century, NASCAR model kits sold like crazy. Then the demand for them fell off and today it is difficult give them away. Just like Beanie Babies, people collected the kits and you could frequently see them being sold off for stupid prices. For example, the Coors #9 1984 Ford Thunderbird of Bill Elliot was being sold for well over $100 at a time when a new kit was $10-12.00.

During that time, I amassed several dozen of these kits, one of them being this particular kit. It is somewhat unique as it was of a car that was never raced and the only time it was on a race track was to be the Parade Car for the 1998 Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte speedway. What happened to it is unknown, but it was built up to specs and was eligible to have been raced should Binney & Smith the owners of Crayola, have been willing to build a team and find a driver. Sort of a real world 'whiffer'.


Over the years, I've built several Monogram NASCAR kits, but nothing much newer than the very early 1990s. This is a 1998 Monte Carlo and there are differences between this and the earlier kits. The 358 cubic inch engine is the same and the kit provides a nice one. On this car, the exhaust is routed to the right and left side of the car.

The interior consists of a full roll cage with a built in window net on the driver's side. A more modern form fitted seat is also included. Also in the car are a number of hoses to draw cool air inside. Unlike earlier kits, this one has single shocks all the way around in place of the double shock absorbers in previous cars. It also has a belt driven oil pump at the differential, somthing else different from earlier cars.

Back to the interior, there are pillar braces to keep the windscreen from collapsing on the driver. All the clear bits attach from the outside of the body, and this includes a small NACA vent on the driver's side. The tires have 'Goodyear' already printed on them, which is a nice touch.

Instructions are well done and name each part. A generic color chart is included and the decals are particularly nicely done. There are placed where the builder has to paint dark green, but this is not a major deal and any experienced modeler should be able to pull it off OK. For those who find this car and want a 'real' race car, you can find aftermarket decals, though thanks to lawyers, you'll have to do a pretty thorough search as most the 'usual sources' have been forced to close shop.


If you are a fan of the type or just want to give a NASCAR kit a go and don't care that this car never raced, then give it a go. They are not all that difficult to do and you'll end up with a nice model.

March 2018

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