Marsh Models 1/43 Dan Gurney Lola T70 Mk.II

KIT #: MM24F
PRICE: $49.95 when new
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Multimedia kit


The Lola T70 is a sports prototype developed by British manufacturer Lola Cars in 1965. Lola built the aluminum monocoque chassis, which were typically powered by large American V8s.

The T70 was quite popular in the mid to late 1960s, with more than 100 examples being built in three versions: an open-roofed Mk II spyder, followed by a Mk III coupé, and finally a slightly updated Mk IIIB. The T70 was replaced in the Can-Am series by the lighter Lola T160.

The T70 was first produced in an open-top MKII "spyder" configuration. E
arly success for the Lola T70 came when Walt Hansgen won the Monterey Grand Prix, at Laguna Seca Raceway, on 17 October 1965, driving John Mecom's Lola T70-Ford.

In 1966, the hot setup for the Can-Am was a T70 Chevrolet, winning five of six races during the year. John Surtees was the champion and Dan Gurney drove the only Ford powered car ever to win a Can-Am race. In 1967, no one could compete with the new M6 McLaren.


Marsh models has a reputatione for building high quality, detailed multimedia kits and this one is no exception. The kit consists of a variety of materials from resin to p.e. to metal to rubber to vacuformed plastic.

The only resin part is the body. A feature that they molded which has been missed by many, including myself, is the little eagle beak on the very front of the body that was unique to Dan Gurney's car. The lower pan/chassis is cast metal as are things like the roll bar, exhaust, wheels, seat, rear engine section, injectors, shifter and some other parts. The windscreen is vacuformed plastic. All the rest of the bits from the front spoiler to the interior pan, to the rear spoiler sections are photo etch. Wheels are turned aluminum that fit on a metal axle with cast metal inserts. Tires are rubber. This means you need to have some fairly well honed modeling skills to put this one together.

Instructions are basically an exploded view as shown in the parts diagram. The single livery option is for Dan Gurney's Bridgehampton winning car. This care is basically an overall dark blue with all the white bits included on the decal sheet. Marsh models includes a color chip to assist in matching the proper shade. It is pretty close to US insignia blue. Also included are multiple color photos of the car to assist in painting and markings placement.


I have not built one of these kits in quite a while and perhaps it is time to do another. The last T70 I built was the Lancer Lola of Skip Hudson some 20 years ago. It turned out quite well and graces my small 1/43 model collection. As you can see from the image included, they make into very nice models.

September 2023

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