Lindberg 1/25 '34 Ford Pickup

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1993 boxing


Ford produced three cars between 1932 and 1934: the Model B, Model 18 & Model 40. These succeeded the Model A. The Model B continued to offer Ford's proven four cylinder and was available from 1932 to 1934. The V8 (Model 18 in 1932, Model 40 in 1933 & 1934) was succeeded by the Model 48. It was the first Ford fitted with the flathead V-8. In Europe, it was built slightly longer. The same bodies were available on both 4 cylinder Model Bs and V8 Model 18/40s. The company also replaced the Model AA truck with the Model BB, available with either the four- or eight-cylinder engine.

The pickup, sedan delivery, and station wagon were considered Model B vehicles as they were built on lengthened sedan chassis. Most of these were powered by four cylinder engines and even those with V-8s did not carry the V-8 badge.

Needless to say, these V-8 powered Fords became the darlings of the post-WWII hot rod set and are still seen with some frequency on the streets.


Lindberg touts this kit as being molded in high gloss plastic and so no painting is required. Well, it is molded in a very glossy yellow plastic, but really, most builders will end up ruining that gloss as they remove mold seams.

There are two engine options, one being a flathead V-8 and the other a later model V-8. Likewise you have options for the front axle, the interior (bench or single seats), and the grille (stock or custom). The biggest options are in the back. For one you can build a tow truck while for another it is a stake truck. These two are pretty much stock options, though I guess you can do the stake truck as custom.

The pick-up truck option is shown as being for the custom or what Lindberg calls the 'pro street' option. Frankly, I see no reason why the pick-up couldn't be stock either. As you can imagine, there are different tires and wheels depending on which option you choose.

Instructions are well done and provide information regarding which option needs which parts. You do have to decide rather early on which you will be building. The decal sheet has been around a while, but may still be usable. There are stripes for the pro street as well as other badges for the stake truck or the tow truck. No color information is provided anywhere in the instructions so you will need to rely on box art for some of this information.


Several years back one of these was built by an MM reviewer and it turned out to be very nice indeed. His build is why I decided to pick this one up. It looks like it will be a fairly good fitting kit and will result in a neat model when you are done.


December 2018

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