Italeri 1/24 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider 1600

KIT #: 3691
PRICE: $15.00 'used'
DECALS: Two license plate options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2004 ReleaseI


The Spider, Sprint and Sprint Speciale Giulias introduced together with the Giulia sedan in 1962 were rebadged and updated versions of earlier Giulietta models (series 101), now with a 92 CV (68 kW; 91 hp) 1.6 litre instead of a 1.3 litre engine. Easiest to distinguish from a Giulietta is the Spider (tipo 101.23), which featured a bonnet bulge to clear the slightly taller engine. The Giulia Sprint 1600 (tipo 101.12) arrived in June 1962. The Sprint coupé was also available for a short time with the 1.3 litre engine as the Sprint 1300 - essentially a Giulietta Sprint with a different name. This version carries a small "1300" script on the lower bootlid, while Giulia 1600 Sprints have a "1600" badge just behind the rear wheel. Most models were discontinued in 1964, although the Sprint Speciale continued until 1966. The Spider was complemented by a Spider Veloce in 1964 (tipo 101.18), using the engine seen in the Giulia Sprint Speciale and Giulia TI Super, producing 112 CV (82 kW; 110 hp). The Giulia Spider continued to be available until the mid-1966 introduction of the Spider 1600 Duetto.

From what I've read, this started life as a Protar kit and it was a Giulietta Spider. Somewhere along the line the kit got the updated hood with the bulge to handle the large 1600cc engine and became a Giulia. I don't pretend to understand all the machinations involved, but there it is.

The kit itself is molded in red, black, and chrome with rubber for the tires. This is a curbside despite having a separate hood, so I'm thinking that somewhere along the line there was an upgraded kit with the engine. The trunk is also separate though there is nothing to see if it is made functional. The kit also has separate doors which it seems could be posed open. These doors trap the windows between the inner and outer halves. If you wanted to model the car with the windows down, it would require some cutting.

The kit's suspension is pretty basic, though one is provided with real springs for the rear. A fake lower engine piece is provided for the front and halps to hide what is basically a straight axle for the front. Not realistic, but there you have it. Interior is basically a pair of seats and a gear shift along with the rear package tray placed on the floor pan. A firewall piece is where the fairly complex dash and steering column are attached. This then gets installed when the body is attached to the chassis.


Based on what the purists say on various model car websites, this kit is fraught with errors of as much as 1-2mm! However, those of us who only know that it is an Alfa Romeo won't really spot those egregious mistakes and will be happy with what appears to be a fairly simply sports car kit.


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