AMT/Ertl 1/25 Ice Cream Truck
KIT #: 31739
PRICE: $19.98
DECALS: One options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2002 Reissue


Built in the early 70ís for the Model Products Company. The rectangular chassis rails are kicked up in the rear, leaf springs fore and aft with assist fro torsion bars. Braking is accomplished through a converted hydraulic system. A '69 Chevrolet 396 engine with four barrel carburetion supplies the power to the rear axle. An air cleaner collector box with twin Air Ram injector scoops are mounted atop the engine. All accessories have been chrome plated for effect. The hand built fiberglass cowl has been channeled over the frame rails, while the cab, bed, and rear body compartment is done in laminated marine plywood finished in press-tec then painted in Kandy Persimmon and Diamond Gold Murano Pearl of Essence.

A hand formed grille assembly includes adjustable louver vents to assist cooling the 4″ core radiator. The shell is chrome plated and sports a flying ice cream cone as the radiator ornament. Headlights are taken from Chrysler Imperial. Bugatti type curved fenders were hand made from 18 gauge steel. All mouldings are hand formed and fitted, then chrome plated. Over the cab, a string of brass bells and krazy daisies were added to accent the plastic daisies fitted into the decorative wood trim. The finishing touch of hand pin striping is followed throughout in contrasting coordinated colors.

The interior includes custom air foam cushioned seats covered in Masland Duran Yellow and Persimmon antique grain vinyl. Carpeting is 3″ rust fur. Dash panel of grain walnut includes undated luminated dials and gauges. A Hurst automatic floor shifter activated the power transfer. The steering wheel is specially built including a cone shaped housing to fit the Chevrolet components. Fuel tank is a Moon with flip type gas lid. Musical sounds can be attributed to the Muntz Stereo Pak, eight balanced speakers, and musicolor light bars for sight as well as sound effect. The rear compartment features simulated gallon buckets of ice cream, a hand churner - not to mention the soda fountain bar. Wheels are SS Cragar reversed chrome with wide base rims on which Gold Line Firestone Super Sport tires are mounted.


In case you haven't figured it out, this is a repop of an MPC kit from the 1970s. From what I gather, this kit has been reissued several times. This particular version is not specifically the Barris car as it has different markings and does not mention George Barris. Undoubtedly to circumvent licensing fees. The kit has Racing Champions' logo on the side of the box.

Here is a look at the original boxing and you can see the differences. Round 2 has recently reissued this kit yet again with a boxing that is similar to the original and with the MPC label. This newest boxing has returned the George Barris name to the box art.

Typical of the numerous repops of old MPC kits, you'll find the plastic to be a little bit on the flash side. Nothing really horrible, but there are areas that will require a bit more clean-up. Most of the kit is in white plastic, which I don't like, but apparently model companies think is a requirement for a car kit. The chrome work is actually quite well done. For modern builders, there are seam lines and a few ejector pin markings that will spoil the end result so I'm sure most will be removing the chrome, sanding and filling the 'bad' areas, and re-painting.

There is a full chassis along with a nicely done engine. This is not a blown motor, but one with injector stacks that have intake covers atop it. The decals are in fairly good condition and should look OK. I should mention that the long front fenders will be a bit on the 'springy' side. 


A lot of folks like custom rods and if you are so inclinded, this one will make a nice addition to your collection.

June 2018

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