AMT 1/25 '70 1/2 Camaro Z28
KIT #: 80036
PRICE: Currently around $30.00
DECALS: Hood stripes and three plates
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2001 release


Dubbed "Super Hugger", the second-generation Camaro was an all-new car with its basic mechanical layout familiar and engineered much like its predecessor with a unibody structure utilizing a front subframe, A-arm and coil spring front suspension, and rear leaf springs.

The chassis and suspension of the second generation were refined in both performance and comfort; base models offered significant advances in sound-proofing, ride isolation, and road-holding. Extensive experience Chevrolet engineers had gained racing the first-generation led directly to advances in second-generation Camaro steering, braking, and balance. High-performance configurations were initially available, but the marketplace changed as 1970s progressed with fuel crisis, higher insurance rates, and tightening emissions regulations. Major styling changes were made in 1974 and 1978; 1981 was the final model year for the second-generation Camaro.


This kit was initially released in 1989 and has been re-issued and updated several times since then. Molded in a light grey this one is standard fare for US car kits. You are provided a full engine which then, as in the real car, fits into the forward sub-frame. This is then attached to the lower chassis panel after which a fairly complex forward and rear suspension is built up. Note that this kit does not have metal axles for the wheels, just plastic stubs so the wheels will not rotate.

On the other side of the chassis pan one builds up the interior. This is where the side panels are attached along with the front and rear seats. It is at this time that the radiator piece and the wheels are attached. Note that in this boxing, the instructions show chrome wheels where in the kit they are straight plastic. In fact, there are large gaps in the chrome sprue with this sprue only having chrome for the bumpers and the grille. Even the headlight openings are grey plastic and will need to be painted chrome. A separate hood is provided so you can show off the engine. Tail lights are molded in red plastic.

Instructions are well done and one should have no issues building the kit. The decal sheet consists of black hood stripes and three sets of license plates. Though a car with white hood stripes is shown on the side of the box, those are not provided, which somewhat limits the color options. I have to assume that you are supposed to paint this that green shade shown on the box top.


This is a kit I've had for many years, hence the fact it isn't one of the newer releases. Like many of the car kits I've sort of built over the last few years, this one will donate its body to a slot car with the rest of the bits going into a bag to be sold at a show to those car model builders who like to buy partial kits for the engines and such. If I remember, I'll post a photo of it when I'm done.


November 2023

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