AMT 1/25 'Two Much' Twin Engine Dragster

KIT #: 21489P
PRICE: Raffle win
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


When I was a youngster (yes there were cars during that time), I was a real fan of drag racing. So much so that every Sunday I could I went to nearby Alton Dragway to watch and even participate in the drag racing. This particular track was affiliated with the IHRA and its main draw was that all the classes were bracket racing. Basically there was a formula where your car's basic horsepower and weight determined not only what class you were in but if you were a lower horsepower or higher weight than your opponent, you got to leave the starting line earlier. As I had a fairly low power car, it fell into what was known as middle stock eliminator. I often was 1/3 the way down the quarter mile before my competitor even left the line. I won quite a few races that way.

Anyway, the major draw of these events were pairings of cars that fit into no categories. For instance there would be the Little Red Wagon vs Hurst Hemi Under Glass or Art Arfon's Green monster jet dragster vs a rocket dragster. Included into these sorts of cars were dragsters with multiple engines, which includes the subject of this kit. Again, these cars were basically for exhibition and traveled around the country, often with their 'opponent' to provide a look at cars one would not normally see. Interestingly, this car is still extant, though in the UK and with slightly different body work. There are videos of this car running and frankly, it is way overpowered, but a thrill to see and hear.


This 2005 Model King release is one they did from their acquisition of the AMT/ERTL toolings many years back. Molded in the usual white plastic, there are engine parts in chrome that most modelers will want to strip and repaint an a more realistic aluminum. As you might expect, the first construction step is to build up the two engines. These are identical save that the front one has the fuel pump.

The frame is a single piece though you will have to scrape a lot of mold seams. It is then that the rear end, and driver's controls are installed. Next is building up the front axle assembly. The kit's 'wire' wheels are fair as things go though the fine details are a tad thick. The fourth construction step has to add the driver's seat and roll bar along with the two engines, fuel tank and upper bodywork.

Finally, the radius rods, steering arm, rear tires/wheels, rear wing and braking chute are added to complete the build.

Instructions are well done and look a lot like the old AMT instructions. All your painting instructions come from the box itself and if duplicating the box art car then a lot of masking will be needed as none of the stripes are included. The decal sheet is nicely printed and provides the car name along with a selection of sponsor decals for you to place where you see fit.


I'd treat this one as a 'what if' sort of car and paint it whatever colors I want. The build itself doesn't seem too complex, though I can't really judge this one as I've had AMT car kits offer a struggle. However you finish it, it will be a neat addition to any collection

October 2021

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