Monogram 1/24 1990 Lumina NASCAR

Kit Number: 2917

Price: $10.00

Decals : These were for a Days of Thunder car.

Photos retaken 2010, nearly 18 years after the kit was built.

Comments: If you have built one Monogram NASCAR racer, then you have built them all. The first one I did was Bobby Allison's 1983 #22 Miller Buick. This Lumina kit is nearly identical to that except for some minor modifications to the roll bar (to show the padding, the addition of air hoses from the side windows, the removal of the oil cooler from the left front of the engine compartment, the addition of Chevrolet valve covers, the changeover to more modern wheels, and the addition of a Chevrolet Lumina body.

As with all NASCAR stockers, I had trouble getting it to sit on all four wheels. This is simply a case of being careful when assembling the chassis, a skill I have not completely mastered. Even Monogram has less than perfect decals and I had a set all ready for this one. I believe these are JnJ decals and they are for Kenny Schraeder's 1990 Kodiak car #25 in mostly white with a green lower body. I chose Kenny's car as he is a native of this area and basically a very nice guy. I watched him race at the local 1/5 mile bull rings and have always hoped that he would be very successful. While his career lasted a long time, his winning years in NASCAR's top series were only 1988 to 1991. 

Anyway, since the body and interior is white, it presents no real painting challenge. The decals take care of the green and there is sufficient extra to cover any mistakes. You have to use industrial strength Solvaset to have it fit the multiple curves. The underside is light grey, the engine is aluminum, the exhaust is gunmetal, and the car has gold wheels.

I build NASCARS every once in a while. It is almost as much fun as watching the races on TV. Build one for a change.

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