AMT 1/25 Krako March 88C Indy Car

Kit Number: 6713

Price: $10.00

Decals : One car, Michael Andretti's #18

Overall: see review

Comments: As I have mentioned, I like racing cars so I build one on occasion.  Digging this one out of a box, I started to clean up all the bits and pieces.  AMT kits have not been well known for the sharpness of its molds so one needs to have patience for the amount of preparation needed to get these ready for assembly.  Once all the parts are cleaned up, the kit builds rather well.  

The kit comes complete in all respects with a well detailed interior, engine and suspension.  The engine itself is a jewel and careful choice of colors (mostly shades of metal) will truly enhance this aspect of the kit.  The turbocharger assembly requires carefully attention to ensure a good fit.  I painted the car in dark blue and yellow as shown on the box and in the instructions.  I have a video taped during the 1988 season  which show this car so that was helpful in final assembly.  Like most Indy car kits, this one has the speedway setup with small front and rear wings.  One of these days, a road racing setup will be available, but I have yet to see one.  

Final assembly brought up the most disappointing part of the kit and that is the decals.  AMT decals are generally relatively transparent and since yellow decals had to be placed on dark blue paint, they tended to be very much diminished.  Due to the age of the kit it was not possible to get a second kit for the decals or to write to AMT for another set.  If Indy cars were more popular (like NASCAR stockers) maybe an aftermarket decal maker would do decals for them.  Anyway, the finished kit looks very much like an Indy racer and the best part is that they do not have to be weathered!!  Try one for a change.

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