Vintage Eagle's Captured Eagles # 1


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 1/48 scale. also available in 1/32

To go along with their new book, Vintage Eagle has provided decals covering four of the subjects found inside the book. Each decal set includes a 12 page full color book that provides profiles, top and bottom views as well as precise markings placement for each of the aircraft, including stencils.

An interesting feature of this set is that you get both standard waterslide decals and dry transfer markings. Cartograf prints the waterslide markings while HobbyDecal has done the honors with the dry transfers. For those who might never have tried dry transfers, the instruction book includes full details on using them. They really are not that difficult and provide a superior, carrier-free presentation that you do not get with waterslide markings. All of the stencils and serials are on the dry transfer sheet.

First aircraft is a He-162 of 1./JG 1 found at Leck at the end of the war. This is in typical late war colors with, for the first time, the proper shade unit badge.

Next is a Bf-109G-10 from 3./JG 77 at Salzburg. This is an Erla built G-10 variant so probably has the 'type 110' cowling with the flat fairing on the left fuselage side.

Next is the first of two FW-190A-8s. This is from 2./JG301 and is somewhat unique in that the Reich Defense band on the rear fuselage is painted at an angle.

The final aircraft is from 3./JG 2 a unit that, like JG 301, flew the long nose 190Ds in the last year of the war. Both of these planes were built during or after January 1945 as they have the later 'blown' canopy.

In all, a superlative decal sheet that provides markings for four very interesting late war planes.

September 2011

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