Stratus' Rare Birds: PWS-10


Andrzej Glass




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 26 pages, softbound
ISBN: 978-83-67227-45-2

Stratus has a new series of books called 'Rare Birds'. This seems to be something that will cover aircraft which entered service, but in small numbers and they have started with the PWS-10.

It is not unusual that they'd start with a Polish subject as the company is based in Poland. The PWS-10 was an aircraft that was of then-conventional construction with a tube frame fuselage with the forward section consisting of metal panels and the rest of fabric. It was produced as a back-up for the PZL P.1, which was having development issues. The aircraft did provide good service though was quickly overtaken by the PZL offering once it got the bugs worked out of it. It soldiered on in second line service and was around to participate in the opening days of WWII. Some survived to be used as trainers by the Germans.

The book provides a nice history of the type along with a lot of well-chosen period photos. There are several pages of plans in both 1/72 and 1/48 along with a full color spread of one operated by the Spanish during their civil war and a standard PAF aircraft. In all, it is a very well done book that will be appreciated for the large number of photos as well as the plans that are provided. It is one that I liked and I know you will as well. 

May 2024

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