Stratus Publications' Polish Wings #34: MiG-15 and license build versions


Lechoslaw Musialkowski




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Notes: 104 pages, softbound, A-4 format
ISBN: 978-83-66549-92-0

After WWII, Poland slipped into the grip of a communist government. This meant that acquiring equipment for its air force was fairly limited to those produced in the Soviet Union. Poland was able to join the jet age in the late 1940s with a variety of Yak first generation fighters. These were not exactly world beater aircraft but were sufficient to provide an introduction into turbojet operation.

The aircraft that brought the PAF up to an effective fighter force was the MiG-15. This aircraft was quite a surprise to the western world when it was sent to Korea in 1950. This was an aircraft that was up to world standards and flown by experienced Soviet pilots who were able to get the best out of the plane. The development of the MiG was the result of both the work of German aerodynamic engineers that helped to produce the swept wing airframe and the stupidity of the British government that sold the Soviets up to date Rolls Royce turbojet engines.

Of course the aircraft wasn't perfect as it suffered from major issues at high speeds that caused the controls to freeze up and the plane to fall off, out of control at lower altitudes. It was, however, powerfully armed, able to reach higher altitudes than western fighters and easy to maintain. Both Soviet built MiG-15 and MiG-15bis fighters were operated by the PAF and the two types were built under license as the Lim-1 and Lim-2. They quickly replaced not only Yak fighters but later the IL-10 attack aircraft. Hundreds were produced and served in front line service until replaced by newer aircraft and in secondary units well into the 1960s.

This book follows the format of previous editions with a fairly in-depth developmental history. It then goes into PAF operations covering every unit that operated the type. This even goes so far as to provide information on known serial numbers in each unit. Various accidents and incidents involving the MiG-15 are also noted. What is a major draw for many of us are the superb photographs that are part of the series. This includes a number of superb full color profiles based on various photos that is a trademark of the series. This particular edition is entirely in English, which is important for most readers. Another excellent book in the series and one that I know you will like.  

August 2022

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