Start's U-Boot im Focus #20




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 56 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound
ISBN: 978-3-941437-49-4

It is always a delight to read the latest edition of U-boot im Focus. This periodical has turned into a favorite as much because it has great photos and great stories as anything. The publishers go to great length not only to properly research each article, but also to provide quality, never before published images. As sometimes happens, full information on a subject is difficult to find, but each edition starts off with an errata section that provides additional information on previous issues. Much of this comes from readers who have relatives who served and have passed down their experiences.

This edition continues in its offerings of excellence and provides a number of shorter articles and some fairly long. There are two major stories in this volume. One is the subject of their 'Photos with a Story' series on the U-592. In addition to information on the boat's operation, there are some interesting photos that show just how talented the German censors were in terms of eliminating backgrounds and equipment in photos so as to not give away any information that might be useful to the Allies. The other is related to the cover story. Sure, it shows a capitan eating a bowl of soup, but the story itself concerns those who prepared that food, three meals a day, each day of the week. We rarely think about a boat's cook or where all the provisions needed are stored on what is a very compact vessel like a WWII submarine. This makes for a fascinating look at one of the true unsung and vitally important members of the crew.

In all, another superb edition, full of other shorter pieces of interest to U-boat enthusiasts. If you are a fan of submarines in general and U-boats in particular, you should be getting this.

March 2022

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