Start's Fiat/Dornier G.91 'Gina'


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: ADJP 009

The latest book in their Aircraft of the German Armed Forces series is this one of the G.91. This was an aircraft designed and developed by Fiat of Italy to provide a light attack aircraft for NATO countries. There was considerable interest with several NATO nations ordering aircraft. However, the only countries that actually purchased the aircraft were Italy and Germany. The German version varied from the Italian one by being armed with 30mm canon in place of the 20mm versions. Shortly after delivery, it was discovered that the standard ejection seat was not quite what was wanted so a Martin Baker seat was installed. This required a slightly taller canopy so on the two seat versions, the canopy has a distinct 'double bubble' look. When withdrawn from German service, excess airframes were later sold to Portugal. With the withdrawal of the aircraft, it was replaced by the Alpha Jet. 

This edition continues Start's work on documenting the various aircraft of the post WWII Luftwaffe. As with others in the series, it is heavily image intensive with great photos of the plane during its period of time in operational use. In addition to a brief preamble that covers the development and procurement of the aircraft, the book covers the entire active service along with the various units that flew the airplane. It is in both German and English and quite easy to ready. The book also provides great full color profiles of various aircraft.

In all, a great book that provides a super reference for both the enthusiast and modeler alike. Well worth adding to your library.

March 2022

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