Fox Two's Republic F-105 Thunderchief
Author: Patrick Martin


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: FTC 002. 138 pages, ISBN 978-3-935687-34-8

Second in Fox Two's new series; The Modeler's Guide to Aircraft Finish and Markings is this one on the F-105 Thunderchief. The aircraft was designed as a supersonic fighter bomber and though the internal bomb bay was soon filled with a fuel tank, the aircraft was capable of carrying a very useful weapons load. It was the primary USAF fighter bomber in Vietnam with half of the fleet being lost in combat and other causes by the end of the conflict. Most of the two seat trainers were converted into the Wild Weasel mission, a job at which they were particularly capable. After the Vietnam war, the remaining aircraft were provided to the Air National Guard and the Reserves. The type was finally retired in 1984 with many extant aircraft being provided to museums or put on display. There is one not more than 30 miles from where I live.

The book starts with an introduction, which is basically a history of the type. Then it is divided into types and missions. Those being the Vietnam war, F-105B, the F-105D,  F-105 'Thunderstick', F-105 'Wild Weasel', ANG/AFRES nose art, and finally, a camouflage and markings section that includes some of the unique schemes applied to the aircraft of the 388th at Hill AFB.

Since this is mostly a picture book, the format is A4 landscape. This provides the opportunity to give the reader large, full page images rather than have the images go across the 'trench' at the center of the book, something that one sees far too often. Not to say that all the images are full page as that is not the case, but it is nice to have that option. Published in Germany, all the text is in English.

 In all, a great book that provides a super reference for both the enthusiast and modeler alike. Well worth adding to your library and a book on the type that I highly recommend.

April 2022

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