Start's 1/72 Type VII U-Boat Decals


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 15 markings options

For those of you familiar with Start's U-boot im Focus magazines, you know that they are superbly researched and over the years have brought a considerable amount of new information to light on these boats and the men who sailed in them.

What they have done is to produce a decal sheet that covers some of the art work that has surfaced in the many photos that have been used in the various issues. This particular sheet covers the type VIIc, one of the most widely used submarines of the war. These markings were, for the most part, to be found on the conning tower of the U-boat, though the shark mouth was located on the bow, and is a very unusual place for such art work. These decals are to 1/72 scale and since I only know of the Revell kit in this scale, that is what you'd use.

Below is a listing, from Start's web site as to what is covered in the sheet along with the issue of the magazine from which it is taken.
U-93, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 2
U-96, bisher nicht durch keinen Artikel in „U-Boot im Focus“ erfaßt
U-257, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 6
U-258, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 5
U-403, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 2 + 5
U-454, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 7 + 8
U-575, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 4 + 8
U-581, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 10
U-588, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 2 + 6
U-595, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 4
U-653, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 10
U-702, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 6
U-929, Details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 8
Unbekanntes VII C Boot mit Haifischmaul, details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 11
Bonus 1: 35 - U-4709, Typ XXIII, details siehe „U-Boot im Focus“ Edition 7

Included with this sheet is a superb booklet that includes a photo of each of the subjects to assist with placement of the markings. As a bonus, you are provided with markings for a 1/35 Type XXIII boat from the last months of the war. The instructions are in German, but this should not be a hindrance to using these superb decals.

August 2014

Review sheet courtesy of  Luftfahrtverlag-Start  where you can order your copy.

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