Start's 1/48 Emblem der Luftwaffe Band 1


19.50 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: 12 markings options

As is often the case when they do an important aviation book, Start has produced a decal sheet for their latest offering on Tactical, Strategic, and Weather Recon units of the Luftwaffe.

The sheet is very much tied into their book, providing photos as well as a drawing of the placement of markings. Only the unique markings, badges and codes, are included on the sheet otherwise it would be impossible to include 12 options on this sheet.

A goodly number of these are for the Ju-88, which was the workhorse of the Luftwaffe and a perfect recon platform. Other types included are Bf-109, FW-189, FW-190, Hs-129 and the Fi-156, all types  readily available in 1/48 scale. I have shown a couple of the pages from the instructions at the top of the page so you can get an idea of what they look like.

The decal sheet itself, which I have darkened to show the white bits better, is superbly printed with no registration glitches. You can use either kit decals or aftermarket ones for the insignia and data markings. A sheet well worth picking up on its own and Start offers a discount if you get it along with the book.

September 2018

Review sheet courtesy of  Luftfahrtverlag-Start. You can order your copy at this link.

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