Luftwaffe Advanced Aircraft Projects to 1945 - Vol 1


Ingolf Meyer




$54.95 from Specialty Press


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN 1-85780-240-3, 192 pages, 175 illustrations

Just when one thinks that a subject has died out, along comes something to renew interest. In this case, it is the first of what will be a series by author Ingolf Meyer, who also did all the drawings and illustrations in the text.

This particular book covers Fighters and Ground Attack aircraft from Arado to Junkers, with other manufacturers coming in later volumes. Unlike some similar books, those that actually reached flight status do not appear to be covered, so these can basically be considered to be 'paper projects'.

The book is logically segregated by manufacturer and by project or design number. Each page has either full color illustrations or drawings or both. At the bottom of each page is a description of the project and there is a statistics chart provided giving the dimensions, power plant, armament, estimated performance and other information.

I frankly found the book to be totally engrossing. As much for the camouflage and markings schemes as anything else. I also was pleased to see quite a few projects that I'd not found in other references of the type, making the book that much more useful.

Overall a superbly done book. Those who have a penchant for Luft '46 and the myriad 'what if' modelers out there will find this to be something they must have on their shelves. As such it can be most highly recommended.

August 2006

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