Musclecar Tech: Chevrolet Camaro 1967-72


William Burt


Specialty Press


$22.95 from Specialty Press


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN 1- 58007 - 100 - 7, 112 pages, softbound

After the success of the initial book in the series on the Mustang, it was logical for Specialty Press to concentrate the second volume on the Chevrolet Camaro. Specificially, this edition looks and the first two generations of the car from its inception in 1967 through the second generation cars run of 1972.

In concert with the previous book, there are hundreds of color photographs of every aspect of these cars, including detail images of the various engines, interior options and exterior differences. Divided into model year, each year gives specifics on what is new for that year and compares the changes with what was provided the previous years.

Many consider the Camaro to be the best of its type, with the 1969 version outselling every model year. There were a huge number of engine options as well starting with the sedate in-line six cylinder up to the whopping 454 cubic inch engine. You'll find all the different variants in here as well, including the RS, SS, and Z-28.

The book is rounded out by a short modeling section that covers many of the kits that were produced of this car and then by a set of photographic three views and a set of options charts for each model year.

Overall, a superb book that not only is an excellent reference for fans, but is something that car lovers everywhere will find interesting. Highly recommended.

August 2006

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