Random Thoughts 44/3
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

The autumn edition of R/T arrived the other day and as usual, there are a number of very nice articles within. This time, there are four build articles along with two photo articles related to two of the builds.

First up is John Lumley's Academy 1/32 CF-18A in markings of one of the planes that partook in the Balkans war during 1999. As usual with many builders, this one has a ton of aftermarket. This article also has a section of photos courtesy of Pat Martin.

Brian Latour has a very interesting bust article. This is the 1/14 9th Gate Miniatures kit of Queen Elizabeth II when she was a young girl during WWII.

Third is Frank Cudden's nicely done RS Models 1/72 P-51H Mustang. Frank did not pick an easy one, but the results of his work are superb.

The final build article is a post war Canadian Sherman EZ-8 using the Asuka 1/35 kit and the expected batch of aftermarket stuff. The result is a very nicely done model of this vehicle as shown on the cover. This article is also accompanied by a number of photos.

Another fine edition and one I look forward to every quarter. So, you are wondering, just how do I get this great club magazine. Well, it is simple. Just trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. IPMS Canada is a great group of people so you will be in very good company. Can't get much better than that.

But wait, there is more. If you join, you also get the electronic Beaver Tales delivered straight to your computer, and you can get the periodic decal sheets that are only provided to members. 

October 2022

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