Random Thoughts 41/1
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

The latest edition of IPMS Canada's Random Thoughts arrived in the mails the other day. As usual, there are some excellent articles within, including some that are a bit eclectic.

I'll start off with the cover item. This is Massimo Santarossa's superbly done Fujimi 1/72 Sea King. The aircraft has been modified considerably with the use of aftermarket bits and pieces to properly portray a2004 edition of the CH-124A. I say that as the Canadian Sea Kings have gone through a lot of development in terms of systems and their appearance has changed over the decades.

With that in mind, it is not surprising that there are two other Sea King articles within. One is a nice photo gallery of detail images, both inside and out. The other is a history of the type in Canadian service along with the various upgrades and differences. As with any aircraft that has been in service a long time, this sort of information is quite useful to the modeler.

Other articles include Barry Maddin's build of the MiniArt 1/35 railroad semaphore. These used to be everywhere, but were slowly replaced as technology improved. A nice model and something less than the norm.

Chuck Herrmann does a build of a Ron Fellows Corvette C.6R using the Revell kit and a small amount of kit bashing to get the right wheels.

Finally, Al Magnus builds a three barrelled 20mm flak gun using spare parts, some aftermarket bits and some scratch-building. A neat project that doesn't look all that complex and should be a neat ideal for others to try.

Another fine edition and one I look forward to every quarter. So, you are wondering, just how do I get this great club magazine. Well, it is simple. Just trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. IPMS Canada is a great group of people so you will be in very good company. Can't get much better than that, eh?

April 2019

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