RAF-in-Combat's Squadrons #52: Spitfire IX - Former RCAF Home Front Squadrons


Phil Listemann


13.00 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 979-1096490-88-2. Available at www.raf-in-combat.com 52 Pages

The latest in RAF-in-Combat's series on Commonwealth squadrons concentrates on Spitfire IX squadrons that were part of Canada's home defense. These were specifically 441, 442, and 443 Squadrons. All three of these units operated with the 2nd TAF so were more involved in ground attack missions than in air to air. However, they were still fairly successful in that regard as one can see from the victory tables at the end of each squadron's operational description.

This book follows the usual format  with a brief history of the type then the more extensive history of the units themselves. There's the usual information that includes tables of losses as well as some great period photos and the usual number of superb full color profiles of aircraft used by these units.

Thanks to all the well done research and choice of illustrations, it makes for a superb addition to the series and its reasonable price is one that should appeal to many. These do make for great references for the fans of the RAF.

As a side note, I built one of 443 Squadron's aircraft using the Hasegawa kit and some resin bits. Turned out fairly well as you can see by the photo.

September 2021

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