RAF-in-Combat's Squadrons #44: Spitfire F.22 & F.24


Phil Listemann


13.00 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 979-1096490-72-1. Available at www.raf-in-combat.com 52 Pages

The latest in RAF-in-Combat's series on RAF squadrons concentrates on the last of the Spitfires, the F.22 and F.24. Both were an improvement on the earlier Griffon powered aircraft. They were fairly easy to spot as all F.24s and most F.22s had 'bubble' canopies and larger tails. Since they were developed near the end of the war, the majority of the contracts were cancelled as they were not needed.

The F.22 was the least built of the two with only one active squadron, 73 Squadron, operating the type. Others that were built were either put straight into storage or operated with second-line units. The F.24 was amost identical to the F.22, but was built in larger numbers. Again, only one active RAF squadron flew the type and that was 80 Squadron in Hong Kong. However, they type was standard equipment for the Auxiliary Air Force units where they were operated until they were replaced by jets or the units disbanded. The last use of the F.24 was the Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force, which flew them until the mid 1950s. The F.24 also saw some overseas use with Syria, Egypt, and the Southern Rhodesia Air Force.

This book follows the usual format  with a brief history of the type then the more extensive history of the units themselves. There's the usual information that includes tables of losses as well as some great period photos and the usual number of superb full color profiles of aircraft used by these units. In fact, this volume has thirteen profiles, more than I've seen in other editions.

Thanks to all the well done research and choice of illustrations, it makes for a superb addition to the series and its reasonable price is one that should appeal to many. These do make for great references for the fans of the RAF.

April 2021

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