T-34 on the Battlefield 2


Neil Stokes


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 112 pages, 8.5x12 inches, hardbound
ISBN: 9786155583117

Over the last few years, WWII AFV photo books have become quite popular. The main draw of these books are previously unpublished photographs. These often come from private collections and as such, is one factor that makes several of these book rather expensive as publishers don't get them for nothing. Such is the case with this one. The majority if not all the photos are from Peter Kocsis.

The book is also in both Hungarian and English with the Hugarian information being provided first. The book is hardbound and is in landscape format. This is by far the best way to present photo books.

We start out with a brief history of the T-34s development  before getting into the image. The vast majority of these photos were taken by the German side of things, though there are a few Soviet images in the mix. Not surprisingly, most of the pictures are of wrecked or abandon vehicles. Ones that have been stuck in swamps or blown up by hits from German weapons. Each of the images has information provided regarding the tank or tanks in question and after reading these, the reader will get a good idea of some of the differences between variants.

Of course, this one is aimed as much at the modeler as the enthusiast and those who like building dioramas or just want to build a nice presentation of a certain vehicle before it met its demise will find this title to be eminently useful.  Each of the images takes up most of the page and while this reduces the sharpness of some, it also allows more detail to be seen.

In all, it does what it set out to accomplish and is a book I have no qualms recommending to the enthusiast.

July 2018

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